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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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an insider's view of the capture and killing of osama bin laden. >> president obama talks about what happened in the final moments leading up to the final moments of the terrorist's
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life. fox 5 morning news continues right now. straight day as we take a l over washington, d.c. a beautiful day in store for you. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to have you with us. much better conditions here than across the midwest where the mississippi river continues to rise now in parts of memphis, tennessee. more people living in low-lying areas being advised to evacuate as the levels are expected to continue to rise until they peak at some point tomorrow. upstream, records have been broken, some dating back to the 190s. >> we feel for those people, for sure. >> there will be more records broken ungrantly during the next day or so. meanwhile being here, we won't be breaking any records but we've got very nice conditions across the region not just for today but for most of this week. things look good. good morning. let's start off with the bus stop forecast as you begin to consider how am i going to dress the kids this morning as
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they are getting ready for school. it is a cool start to the day. it will be a nice day later on with sunshine and temperature in the 70s. temperatures in the low 50s. some of you are in the 40s. sunrise officially is in 18 seconds. all right. here is a look at what is happening right now. temperatures around the region, reagan national, 54 degrees. dulles international, 51 degrees. bwi marshall, 56. not a bad start to the day. here is your forecast for today, lots of sunshine. very nice temperatures. we are looking for highs primarily in the mid-70s with a light breeze so it will be very, very nice. i'll have more detail on the forecast and a look ahead coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright. she has the latest on the roadways out there. how is it looking? >> it is getting busy. we have a couple of things we need to talk about. traveling northbound along i-95 this morning, this is where we have the accident activity
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approaching 234 dumfries. accident activity still if play here blocking the left side of road as you head northbound up towards dale see and out towards woodbridge. mid-county highway at muncaster mill headed west, that is where we had the accident activity with police on the scene. a brief delay on the westbound side passing the scene. eastbound lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this morning's big story, president obama now talking about what he experienced in the moments leading up to the death of osama bin laden. in an interview with 60 minutes, the president called the deadly raid along the longest 40 minutes of his life. the president said he and top aides in the situation room hay sense of what was going on but it was difficult to get information about exactly what was happening in bin laden's compound minute by minute. he also talked about questions over whether the pakistani government knew of bin laden's whereabouts saying the terrorist leader had a support network in pakistan but it is unclear what exactly government
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officials knew. u.s. intelligence wants to talk with three of bin laden's widows with the hope they could reveal whether or not pakistan's government knew where he was hiding. the women are believed to be in pakistani custody now and there are concerns that the -- the currently tense relationship between pakistani and u.s. intelligence could make efforts to talk to the women difficult. the one question that has not been answered here is who if anyone will get the reward money for the capture and killing of bin laden. new york congressman anthony weiner and gerald nadler want the money to go to 9-11 survivors. it appears intelligence, not tips led to his death which means no one may qualify for that reward. other top stories, a family now pleading for your help in finding their mother. 66-year-old adela barrett has been missing since friday. she was on her way to her daughter's home in arlington
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but never made it there. she dropped off her niece in accokeek on friday night about 10:30. her daughter is worried because her mother takes heart medicine and hasn't had any in days. >> the last time she went mosh a day without her blood pressure medicine, prince george's county had to break into her house because they found her passed out because her blood pressure had the h. the gone so high. >> maryland state police have issued a silver alert for barrett who was last seen driving a 2010 gray nissan versa with a maryland license plate 4 ab 2351. if you've seen her, police ask fa you give them a call. nine people were forced on out of their homes after a house fire if arlington. it happened in a multifamily home on north ivy street. everyone inside managed to get out safely. arlington county fire officials don't know what caused the fire
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but think it may have started on the upstairs porch. a deadly dent claimed the life of a bicyclist. this heaped saturday just before 3:00 in the afternoon in the 4000 block of four mile run drive. police say the cyclist was riding south on south walter reed drive when he turned right on to the access road of four mile run drive, crossed into oncoming traffic and then struck a car. the driver did stay on the scene. hubble invited to taped the 3 #nd annual washington law enforcement memorial on indiana avenue in northwest d.c. it starts at 11:00 this morning. the service and dedication recognizes the members of law enforcement who have made the ultimate sacrifice. six officers will be honored. a new poll suggests the virginia senate race my be more of an uphill battle than we thought. it shows that tim kaine and george allen are locked in a dead heat. we caught up with the former governor, tim kaine, at a
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democratic fundraiser in fairfax. he says he is not surprised with the numbers. still ahead, could we be in for a possible break from those high gas prices? >> the national average now topping $4. why some analysts are predicting a drop in the not too distant future. that is good news. a survivor's story. found alone if her car, near death, some seven week after she went missing. that is not the end of the mystery. we'll have the story coming up 
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anti-government protests taking their toll on day to day life in libya. lines for fuel stretch for miles now. soldiers are guarding gas station and many shops are closed. rebel onnow closing in on its third month.
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in misrata, hundreds of civilians have been found killed. a woman has been found alive after living off melted snow and trail mix for seven weeks. doctors say the woman was near death and had lost close to 30 pounds. her husband is still missing and the two were leaded to las vegas when their van got stuck in the mud. three days into the ordeal, her husband left the van to go for help and has not been seen since. the couple's son says he has not given up hope. >> we're celebrating but we're also, of course, praying for another miracle. but we will accept any outcome. we just want to find him. >> rescue crews say they had to stop the search for the man yesterday because of bad weather. they say it is unlikely they will find him. national average for gas lane now over $4 a gallon. relief could be in store. we'll have that coming up.
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we'll check in with tony for your full forecast. can we get a repeat of yesterday's nice weather? we'll find out when fox 5 morning news returns. what of sa
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alabama's emergency management agency now says last month's tornado may have been the worst natural disaster in the state's history. at least 38 tornadoes hoyt april 27th leaving behind a trail of destruction more than 1,000 miles long inform this picture, a university of alabama student and her sister are looking at the damage in tuscaloosa's alberta city community. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he is looking into appealing a decision that denied the state federal disaster recovery help. fema turned down a request for federal disaster assistance after more than two dozen tornadoes hit virginia late last month. mcdonnell was seeking help in halifax, pulaski and washington counties. ten people were killed and more
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than a dozen homes damaged or destroyed. and flooding from the mississippi river and its tributary has covered six states now. the river may crest the 48 feet tomorrow, well above flood stage. >> that means the water you see right now is going to be even higher later on today. just amazing pictures. amazing picturesque sky that we should have today. >> we already have it. very nice outside. it is a cool start to the day as you would expect. temperature in the 40s and 50s but a good amount of sunshine might slow down your commute. for those of you driving towards the east, fine conditions for the day today. let's take a look. we'll start with the temperatures across the region. our temperature holds steady here in the district this hour. we remain at 54 degrees for this hour. 57 in annapolis, that has
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fallen off a little bit. 53 down in quantico. frederick, maryland, 46. let's pull this out. all across the eastern united states, it's cool comfortable start to the day. 44 in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. raleigh, 52 degrees at this hour. we'll show you the forecast for the next couple of days. we are fine this morning. got a couple of clouds here and there but mostly sunny skies. indeed, today will be a mostly sunny day. quiet conditions, nothing in the way of precipitation today. tonight, i think we'll see mostly clear skies. we advance it through the evening hours. there you go into tomorrow. again, more sunshine. cloud cover off to the north and west. high pressure really settling in here and keeping things quiet for us for the foreseeable future. and indeed, for most of the week, i think we'll have try conditions. i don't really expect rain in
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here until friday. for today, sunny skies, a little bit breezy. for tonight, clear skies, comfortable temperatures, low in town about 50 degrees. outside of town, into the 40s. perhaps the nicest week of weather we've had so far this season. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s. next real chance for rain will object friday with we get more clouds building in and then he with see some late showers in the afternoon and evening the way things are looking right now. that is what is happening on the -- with the traffic. -- with the weather. here is was happening with traffic. we've got julie wright with that. >> no, i know what you were thinking. i was thinking the same thing. that is my forecast. i could do that. >> i know. you like this. >> i love it very much. >> would doesn't like it? >> you will find we had a little fender bender and sky fox was over the scene at muncaster mill road. while tony was doing the weather, they cleared up the
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accident. that is where we had a lane partially blocked blocking the left side inform we have sky fox, let's pull it up. that is where we had the incident. it should be cleared with lanes open. traveling southbound along 270, no incidents to report along that stretch as you work your way southbound out of germantown. here was the accident scene and all lanes are now open. we'll back inside and update your ride elsewhere. inbound new york avenue, we have received word of an accident at kendall street. you will find traffic building leaving northeast to northwest. heads up as you work your way from ninth street over towards kendall. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. talking about gas knew. the lundberg survey says the national average gas price has reached $4 a gallon. that is only 11 cents short of the record high set in july of 2008. in d.c., you're paying more
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than that. the damage to the economy has already been done. some economists expect the april consumer report to show almost a half percent increase with gas price included. we'll talk more business coming up next with our business beat. why now might be a good time to trade in your old car. and as we go to break -- gentleman seasony may wind up paying big for a recent data breach. -- >> sony may wind up paying big for a recent data breach. some cases, there could be issues with credit cards.
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the market for used cars is
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pretty good if you are looking to trade yours in. more on that in just a minute. let's take a look at what is happening on wall street. we say good morning to lauren similar sunsety with fox business network in new york. >> good morning. >> on friday, we started out great and ended up in positive territory. what is going on with the market? >> there was a report out of a german newspaper on friday that said greece might get out of the euro and that sparked the market a little bit. they were down by 171 for the week. investors are hoping that the momentum picked up from the april strong jobs report will continue into this week and world stocks are mostly higher. dow is up by 50 points right now in the premarket. we get earnings continuing in this week by companies like disney, wendy's and toyota. >> interesting study when it comes to cars and specifically
6:25 am
used cars. bad news if you are trying to pick one up. >> this is a seller's market right now in terms of used cars. prices are up about $3,000. they are all saying that prices are expected to go even higher. can you blame it on two things, first the recession and really add evident by the earthquake and tsunami in japan. if you are in the market for a car, a new used car, you will probably pay a pretty penny and if you are in the market to sell and trade in, you will make some money. >> still might be cheaper than buying a new one. depends on what you're in the market for. >> we have on lou dobbs tonight, grover norquist, the president of americans for tax reform and on follow the money, we have the texas attorney general, greg abbott. back to you. >> thank you. we'll take a check of our monday forecast coming up. also being traffic and our top stories. that includes some good news when it comes to gas prices.
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also, just ahead, is anybody going to get the big reward money. the osama bin laden reward money. a few congressmen have some ideas about where the $50 million should go and we'll find out their suggestions coming up at 6:25. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪
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time to check in with tony perkins for our forecast. >> we'll see daytime highs in the 70s this week. lots of sunshine as well and all of that starts today. let's take a look at the temperatures around the region getting off to a cool to mild start depending on where you are. temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to the mid-50s. 48degrees right now in winchester. baltimore, maryland, 55 degrees. ocean city, 52. washington, 54. fredericksburg, 51 degrees. not bad at all. here is a look at the satellite-
6:30 am
radar. the best pictures we've seen this morning are live shots from around the city where you see plenty of sunshine, just nice out. not much happening in the eastern u.s. as high pressure begins to settle in and keep things calm for the next several days. forecast for today looks like this. sunshine, we'll look for highs in the 70s. our average high for this time of year is 73. i want to confirm that by checking my voluminous notes. i'm quite sure it is. yes, i am right. 73degrees is your average high. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. do you have allergies? >> i think i'm starting to get them since i've moved here which you hear happens. >> it has been a miserable spring as far as allergies go. we have a viewer wondering when will it end? we'll try to answer that question for you. i think i asked that last week too. is there an end to this?
6:31 am
>> we'll tell you. >> first, let's get to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> you know what, steve? my allergies always kick in say after december through the end of february. >> i thought it was more like october until may. >> the snow allergy is rare but you do have that. >> and we could do a story on that and how to avoid it. >> you know how to avoid it. >> fly to miami, baby. on the roads, we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox traveling on this nice sunny monday. you will fine lanes are open on the beltway as you travel between tysons corner and arlington boulevard. no incidents to report there. left side of your screen, those are the folk coming in out of manassas and working their way past 50 and 123 headed for vienna. if you are on the inner loop, you are starting to find a little bit of a delay leaving 236 headed up towards tbal lows. we'll take it back inside and we'll update the ride that
6:32 am
occurred along new york avenue. the camera is facing right into the sun at this point but if you look closely. we had the roadway blocked off because of a multivehicle accident at kendall street. the lanes are open once again as you travel inbound new york avenue leaving northeast headed in towards the third street tunnel. big delays from the times building headed out to what was the accident scene. other side of town, southbound 270, lanes are open out of hyattstown. no incidents to reported headed into clarkburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to a big sur viefl story we are following this morning a woman is found alive after living off melted snow and trail mix for seven weeks. >> this happened in the northwest. now, the search continues for her husband who left his wife back in march to go for help when their van got stuck. fox's mary ann rafferty has their story. >> reporter: their ordeal started in march when rita and her husband albert were driving to las vegas from their home in british columbia but they never made it to vegas and their kids
6:33 am
reported them missing on march 30th. the search for the couple started here at a gas station in baker city, oregon. it is where they were last seen together and caught on the store surveillance video. >> they were going out to visit some ghost towns and some other stuff around baker county. that is the last i heard that they were still in the area. >> for two days, they were getting stuck and unstuck in their vehicle over and over again until eventually the husband said i'm going to go out and look for help i believe that was on the 21st and that was the last she had seen of him. >> reporter: after albert left the van stuck in northeast nevada, rita stays there for 49 days living off a small supply of food. she was rescued friday by a pair of wildlife hunt ares on atvs and then airlifted to a hospital in twin falls, idaho. it is at that hospital where rita is finally able to tell her son how she survived. >> we understand she had a small amount of trail mix that
6:34 am
lasted a week, a tablespoon a day. and a couple of fish oil pills a day and a hard candy a day. >> we are celebrating but we are all praying for another miracle and praying that it will have the outcome we desire but we will accept any, whatever it is. we just want to find him. >> reporter: doctors say rita was just days from death whether she was found and called her survival, quote, something close to a record. the search for albert was blocked on sunday because of bad weather. the team says it is unlikely they will find him. in new york, mary ann rafferty, fox news. now to a family who is pleading for your help in finding their mother. 66-year-old adela barrett has been missing since friday. her family says she dropped heat advisory ore necessary in accokeek around 10:30 friday night and has not been seen since. barrette daughter says she is worried because her mother takes hard met indication and
6:35 am
hasn't had any in days. >> the last time she went morning a day without her blood pressure medicine, prince george's county had to break into her house because he found her passed out because her blood pressure had gotten so high. >> she was last seen driving a 2010 gray nissan versa with maryland tag number 4 ab 2351. if you've seen her, police want you to call them. this morning abc big story, president obama talking about what he experienced in the moments leading up to the death of osama bin laden. in an interview last night with 60 minutes, the president called the deadly raid among the longest 40 minutes of his life. the president said he and top aides in the situation room had a sense of what was going on but it was difficult to get information about what was going on bin laden's compound minute by minute. he said the terrorist leader had a support network in pakistan but it is unclear what
6:36 am
exactly government officials knew. u.s. intelligence wants to talk with bin laden's three widows with the hope that they can reveal whether or not pakistan's government did know where he was hiding. the women are believed to be in pakistani custody now and there are concerns that the currently tense relationship between pack stand u.s. intelligence could make efforts to talk with the the women difficult. two new york city congressmen are pushing for 9- 11 victims and first responders to share in the reward money for bin laden's capture. they say up to $50 million in bin laden bounty money should go for first responders, families and survivors affected by the attacks. rewards for justice program established the reward for information leading to the capture of bin laden and it grew to $50 million. it appears america's intelligence network, not tipsters led to bin laden's death. that means no one may qualify to receive the money.
6:37 am
>> certainly big money at the gas pump. we've all been feeling that pain lately. >> now, possibly some relief on the way. >> drivers could see lower gas prices as we head into the summer season. stacy cohan live with the latest. >> reporter: it is so nice to have good news on gas prices. all of us in the business have been reporting on rising gas prices and talking to frustrated consumers. now, we do potentially have some good news. although it is about $4.19 for a gallon of gas -- gasoline, that is not the average. last week, crude oil prices fell by $12 a barrel. now, that may trigger some relief at the pump. this as these prices are driving consumers right off the
6:38 am
road. >> speculators and treaders are saying that the demand simply wasn't there and the reason for that is that people have stopped driving and stopped buying as much gas in the last eight week or so and so we've seen this precipitous drop in demand as a reaction to sky high distrigas prices. >> the $4 a gallon average is not the highest national average we've had. we hit that back in july of 2008 where the national average for a price of regular unleaded was $4.11 a gallon. that was in july 2008. when will the gas prices fall? that is up for some debate. one. the problems is libya. the oil production has continued to cease in that country in the midst of a civil conflict. there are hopes and speculation that prices will drop between eight and 10 cents a gallon in the coming weeks. back to you. >> thank you. we'll talk a little sports with dave ross coming up next. and hear from dan snyder's former right hand man, vinny cerrato and what he says it was
6:39 am
like work with the boss of the redskins. should be interesting. we'll be right back.
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dave ross joins us again this morning with juicy details about sports. >> we wondering who is going to take this maryland job. it's huge job. it is a great job to be quite honest with you. so now we're all left to wonder who is maryland going to find. we know gary williams abruptly left maryland after 22 years at the helm for friday and it left everybody scurrying, thinking what is left. it is kind of late in the process to go out and get a coach. they tried to make a play for run guy out in arizona. that didn't work out. sean miller has turned down officially by signing an extension late sunday morning with arizona to stay out in tucson. he was the guy that kevin anderson, the new. d, really wanted to get.
6:43 am
he is very experienced. he is still have they are young. they went to the elite eight this year in the ncaa tournament. this was a guy who they clearly coveted and did not get. who is next? mike bray is the guy who effect thought, well being maybe he who be next and a very popular candidate. he has officially turned down the job as has brad stevens at butler which pleefs mark turgon at texas a & m. they are trying to make this hire relatively quickly and as you know for recruiting, you are trying to get out there and show everybody that everything is fine, the program is great and we've got all our ducks in a row. right now they don't. you have to get that coach. there are a couple of assistants you could pick from gary's staff. i do think within the next couple of days, this will be decided one way or the other. >> sean miller may be the only one who was on the old johnny
6:44 am
carson show. >> he was a great college player at pittsburgh. >> he was one off the wonder kids dribbling like eight basketballs on the tonight show. >> any coach who gets their name associated, that might be payday. >> you want to keep me, have you to pay. one guy who has not been kept around here is vincey cerrato. he is the former executive vice president of football operations for the washington redskins. he was kind enough to come in yesterday mornling with me on the sunday morning show to talk by a lot of things redskins. i asked him about dan snyder. let's take a listen to the answer. >> let me ask you about working with dan snyder. he brought you right in. you had two stints here with the skin. what was it like to work with dan? i know you guys are friends. >> it was good. you know, the thing about it was dan wanted to win and he
6:45 am
was willing to pay whatever for any player. you know, the time when like joe gibbs was there, i had never heard dan say no to anything. it helps you win being go go get it. let's win. dan wanted to win because he grew up a redskins fan and he wanted to do what was best. wanted to bring a super bowl trophy to the redskin fans because that was like his goal to show everybody here, fans, i've done it for you. >> and so far, he hasn't done it for us. this is very interesting. he said joe gibbs got whatever he wanted. nobody else did, i think including vinny. very candid there. >> we'll hear more from tony. >> i'm taking it all in. >> go black, replay. >> i thought you would find that incident rhett -- go back,
6:46 am
replay. >> i thought you would find that interesting. >> too much to digest. >> yeah, let's turn our attention to the weather. >> you going to play some golf today? >> i'm going to try to get out there. >> it will be a good day. and take a look, here we go. first of all, the sun will be with us today, tomorrow, i think wednesday. i think thursday. i think we'll finally get some decent cloud cover in here on friday. current temperatures, 54 degrees in washington. gaithersburg, not reporting but at dulles airport, it is 51. winchester, 45 degrees, annapolis, 57. leonardtown coming in at 52 at this hour. so not a bad start to the day the way things are shaping up. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. now, skies are mostly clear this morning. couple of clouds out there but mostly clear skies as you travel eastward with the sunrise this morning. you my have to slow down a
6:47 am
little bit. there may somebody delays. out to our west, things look great. a lot of our weather comes from the west. this will he show you -- this will show you we have quest cans on tap. there are some rain systems out there but he should not impact us. we are looking for sunny skies, a nice afternoon. 75degrees for your high today. not bad at all. for tonight, overnight low about 50 degrees under clear skies. check out the five-day forecast. i think you'll like it. i said earlier, i think the best week so far this season. lots of sunshine. highs above normal until we get to thursday. on friday, chance of some showers and some clouds move in. maybe some rainfall in the later part of the day and friday night and maybe into the weekend as well. that is a look at the weather. it is time now for ask the weather guys, the most popular segment in local television in this region.
6:48 am
tucker and i put our big heads together. >> it is getting smaller and smaller. >> you feel like you have to qualify things. tucker and i try our best to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. today's question i suspect is shared by many people. it comes from avante desai who wonders when does the pollen season end. different people are allergic to different things and partly for that reason, the fact that different people are allergic to different things, when does pollen season end? it never ends. isn't that wonderful? but practically speaking, it ends pretty much with the first freeze that we get. that really -- so generally late fall, november. now, having said that, having said that, and that happens because, when we get the freeze, well, the growing
6:49 am
season is ending and all of that and the pollen is knocked down and it is hard for it to spread and all that kind of thing. generally, that is what happens. however, there are many different types of pollen as tuck are and i found in our research. what we are dealing with right now is tree pollen. tree pollen peak in the spring. i am aallergic to free pollen and ragweed, stuff like that. i have two bad time a year, spring and fall which is common. free pollen, today, pollen counted, tuck are will show it to you. i will just let you know that the pollen count today, what is out there is oak, ash and sycamore pollen from trees. in the summertime, it is not so much tree pollen. it is something else, right? >> he -- move on to grasses and mold. >> in the fall, it is weeds being like ragweed and the
6:50 am
like. so it is different throughout the course of the year but, in our area, it peaks from spring to late fall. >> let's get to max 2. let's give you the forecast for today. and there you go, yikes! >> trees should start to subside here because the peak is mid toll march and into early may. we'll see the grass and mold on the increase. >> a late freeze can delay tree pollen so a late freeze in the season in the winter means tree pollen might come out a little bit later but it will still come out. and as you've heard tucker and i say from time to time, rain is good because it knocks the pollen down for a day or stow and then it starts to come back. >> how much time do we have left for the trees? >> they are peaking. they've been peaking and they will start to fall off during the next couple of week. >> since we are not expecting a
6:51 am
lot of rain, would we really start it suffer? >> this will be a bad week what we don't have to get into this but my question is, you know how humans, we evolve to get better based on what our circumstances are, i don't know why we -- why do we have allergies. pollen is out there. why is a large segment of the population allergic to it. it occurs naturally. >> it's been here longer than us and we call the shots. >> we travel moch more than we used to. now, people move hundreds, thousands of miles and they are not acclimated to their environment. >> i've never -- a lot of people move here like we've talked about before. they get allergies once they move here. i never some had a problem until i moved here. >> if you are not from here, you move here, eventually, you will develop allergies. >> great question. thank you for asking it. if you have a question you want
6:52 am
answered, go to fm and click on the weather tab. tucker and i headlining the first of weather day at nationals park. it is coming up next tuesday, may 17th. school kids from all around the region are invited to come on that day for a special weather presentation and then can you stay for the game. how about that? interested schools can find more information at day. we mentioned this last week and we got calls and e-mails. we are not scheduling the schools ourselves. this is being done by the nationals. so go to day if you want to try to get your school out there. should be fun. >> sound great. >> can't wait to see how that will go. >> till within fun. >> we are preentrepreneur pearing as we speak. >> it will be a monday night crash -- we are -- want say the to see how that will --
6:53 am
>> can't wait to see how that will go. >> it will be fun. >> we are preparing as we speak. >> and now we go to julie wright for the traffic. >> as you work your way through woodbridge, you will find the lanes are open. no incidents to report as you continue across the occoquan and leaving woodbridge headed up towards lorton. right into the sunshine so expect some delays here as you work your way both northbound 95 in the express lanes as well as in the main lines. we'll take it back inside quickly to update the ride inbound 66 below speed in manassas. inbound new york avenue, big delays, serious tie-ups out of northeast. we still have the remains of the accident blocking right lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. so paula abdul, simon cowell, once once again a team.
6:54 am
paula signed on to be a judge on the x factor. we narrowed our contest down for eight if finalists who will be on the show tomorrow. >> can't wait t will be fun. >> washington, d.c. certainly a place filled with interesting jobs. >> and one place where you will find plenty is the smithsonian's museum of natural history and holly is there this morning. she is there to kick off our off-beat experts week. we'll check in with her after the break. 
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. i hope you had a fantastic weekend. and let's be honest, usually we're not super excited about monday but today i am excited because today marks the start of our off-beat expert week. the week where we celebrate the people who have cool and interesting jobs but they are also the best as what they do. and we are starting this morning at the smithsonian museum of natural history where they are chuck full of off-beat experts. this morning we'll meet three. one in the field of plants, bugs and the development of early humans. and now not only are we going to meet cool people but we're
6:59 am
not in the normal part of the museum. they are letting us go behind the scenes where the public is not allowed to go but where the real work of the smithsonian is done. it should be interesting. >> as long as the bugs are not crawling. >> reporter: i think everything is dead that we're talking about. that's how they end up in the museum. >> good. thanks so much. let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day. it is char rhonda jackson. she graduated from law school this weekend. so can -- so congratulations to her. to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5. and post a comment under the photo. and that does it for the 6:00 hour and now over to allison and steve. good morning, sarah, thank you so much. and womaning up on this monday morning, new details about th


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